About Risk Skills Center

Ed Kempkey helps management teams implement a strategic process that not only anticipates events that can threaten the achievement of objectives, but also identifies opportunities to exploit for a competitive advantage.

Ed is the founder of Risk Skills Center, which provides an educational resource for mid-size organizations.  He is a Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Certified ISO 31000 Trainer, and author of two books on risk management, including an international #1 best seller. As a veteran of the industry, Ed observes that most business risks are not covered by insurance, and for those that are covered, the total cost of a loss goes far beyond what is paid by the insurance company.

Large companies have full-time risk managers whose job it is to identify, assess, and mitigate the organization's risks. The challenge faced by most mid-size and smaller organizations is a lack of resources, namely time and talent, to accomplish this. Meanwhile, the evolution of risk management concepts and tools during the past decade has progressed to the point where they can be adopted as a best practice for use by organizations of all sizes.

Recognizing the need, Ed has developed numerous educational resources for small to mid-size organizations.  Based upon his many years of helping companies implement effective risk management programs, the range of offerings includes executive coaching on program design, board briefings and training, management and risk oversight committee training, and facilitating risk assessment workshops.

Ed has presented numerous seminars on a variety of risk management topics including safety and health, enterprise risk management, root cause incident investigation, business continuity planning, and human resource related subjects.

Ed has earned the designation CT31000 – Certified ISO 31000 Lead Trainer. This means he has demonstrated knowledge, proficiency, and competence, and the skills and ability to train others about the ISO 31000 International Risk Management Standard. His picture has appeared on the front cover of a national risk management magazine in connection with a story on his work with the wine industry.

Ed is an experienced pilot and enjoys flying for pleasure and business. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with multi-engine and instrument ratings. In addition to flying, he enjoys riding his motorcycle on the back roads of the California North Coast.


Contact information:

Ed Kempkey, CRM, CT 31000
(707) 738-7977
Email [email protected]




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